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Outreach Activities Linking Key Populations to services

 Sheni’s  Story

TAYOA has been having regular visit to Kawe – the Dar es Salaam ward to conducting HTC activities mainly targeting Key Population.   One of our clients is Sheni, a commercial sex worker who moved to Dar es Salaam from Kibaha, Pwani since 2003 in search for better opportunity.

Sheni a 33-year-old woman without any kids explains her story and the challenges she has faced. Sheni lost her child in 2004 and decided to move back to Kibaha. Not before long she started feeling extremely sick. In 2010 she realized she was HIV positive. Lack of health care access, stigma and isolation from family members she needed to move from Kibaha and look for a place where she could earn a living and also take better care of her health situation.

In 2013 TAYOA mobile testing met with Sheni at a local bar that we conduct HTC activities regularly. Sheni was able to get professional counseling and linked to ART, she is now on ARVs. She also informed TAYOA team that she was suffering from intense pain that we realized it could be cervical cancer. Sheni was extremely weak and pale from lost of blood. TAYOA referred Sheni to treatment and she right away went to Maili Moja hospital. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer and immediately started treatment.



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Using Hotline and Mobile HTC Services to Improve HIV Positive Young Girl’s Life.

The Story of Mary

TAYOA has been providing services to Mary a 22-year-old commercial sex worker from Karagwe, Bukoba. She is from a poor family and she decided to move Dar es Salaam so that she can  provide for herself and her child. Her child leaves with Mary’s mother in Karagwe. Mary found out she was HIV positive in 2008 when she was pregnant with her first child, she lost that child.

Since 2008 Mary has been using ARV, and she delivered a healthy HIV negative son early 2014. Mary faced many challenges concerning, health issues, financial issues, abuse and stigma. Her biggest fear was her family finding out that she was HIV positive. Mary saw how other relatives who had passed away with AIDS were treated and stigmatized in the community.

Mary explains that her life has transformed tremendously after meeting TAYOA outreach worker who introduced her to 117 toll free Hotline. She explains, “ Since I started using the 117 TAYOA helpline it opened a whole new world where I could express how I feel or seek help without worrying about stigma, with confidence.” TAYOA 117 helpline gave Mary a channel to communicate with professional social workers and medical doctors confidentially and anonymously without worrying of being judged.


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BMS Foundation-funded mobile health project increasing awareness, improving knowledge and changing attitudes about cervical cancer in Tanzania

In the small village of Pasiasi in a remote region of Tanzania, Happiness Modesti is forever grateful to the Tanzania Youth Alliance (TAYOA) for making her aware of cervical cancer and the importance of screening – all through mobile technology.

TAYOA, in collaboration with several public and private partners, including the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, has used a short text messaging system (SMS) that notifies Happiness and 40,000 other women in Tanzania’s Mwanza Region about where and when to go for cervical cancer screenings; the system also sends them updates on their medical status.

“I have peace of mind now because I have been screened for pre-cervical cancer lesions and I know my status for HIV,” Modesti says, and that frees her from worry and allows her to focus on caring for her HIV-positive daughter and her other five children.

Funding for the programs and content on that system and a toll-free helpline, as well as other cervical cancer outreach activities including training helpline counselors and transportation to screenings, came from a Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation grant that supports TAYOA’s efforts to increase access to cervical cancer information and services in Mwanza Region. Airtime for the SMS system and helpline were donated by Tanzania’s mobile telecommunications companies. In 2013, TAYOA received funds from the Foundation’s Secure the Future® initiative – as part of the Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon partnership – to begin work on increasing access to cervical cancer screening and cryotherapy

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